Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Michael Kors Hearts Gwyneth Too!

"She gets more and more beautiful. She’s a woman who can juggle everything and do it all beautifully, perform onstage and screen, a great mom, great wife, great business woman... and she’s curious." -- Michael Kors, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Monday night's CFDA Awards (and GP's date for the event)

[Source: PeopleStyleWatch.com]

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Finale, Starring... Gwyneth Paltrow

I'm definitely not a die-hard Lostie (I thought they were all vampires, shrug), but last night's series finale proved that the writers are definitely fans of Gwyneth (or at least her 1998 film, Sliding Doors). For those that haven't seen it (tsk, tsk), the movie, according to Wikipedia, "splits into two parallel universes, based on the two paths [Paltrow's character's] life could take depending on whether she catches a London Underground train or not." And, like Lost, there is a final death scene that brings both existences together.

Although it doesn't have smoke monsters or polar bears, the movie explores the same theme of "what could have been." And asks: Are we destined to encounter certain people in our lives regardless of their/our paths?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

British Vogue Interview:
Is Gwyneth the New Martha?

Ok, so I've come to the conclusion, after reading excerpts from her recent British Vogue interview, Gwyneth really is the new Martha Stewart -- which explains why people love to hate her so much. (No offense, Martha.) Fingers crossed that G.P. doesn't get taken down by the Feds and is forced to make prison stripes a fashion statement...

Looks like Gwyneth will be battling the domestic diva on her own turf with an upcoming cookbook:
"And that's partly because I have this whole other passion, which is home-making. I always have done, since I was little. As silly as that sounds - it's not 1955, after all - it's really important to me, all that stuff, sitting round a table as a family."
All I have to say is, Rachael Ray, watch your back, since apparently Gwynnie has a mean streak:
"Oh yes, I can be mean. I can cave in to gossip. I can ice people out and I can definitely harbour revenge. In fact, I'm having a situation right now with a friend where I'm feeling pretty angry. But revenge is corrosive and it doesn't make me feel good," she said.
Folks are speculating that the friend in question is Madonna. But didn't they just have dinner together last week? Publicity ploy or truce?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Detox Test Kitchen

Jenny Muller from TheDailyGreen.com tried out Organic Avenue's detox diet (featured in a recent GOOP newsletter). Besides the usual complaints (does anyone really like sprouts?), she reported having lots of energy, "glowing" skin and a flatter tummy:
"That little stomach pooch you tell yourself you could lose in a millisecond if you really got serious about it, yet never do? Totally gone."
We'll drink some green juice to that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Schadenfreude Revisited

Really, Marie Claire? You too!

While reading an article about schadenfreude in the January issue, I came upon this:
"Who doesn't break into a smile when condescending would-be lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow's perfect marriage is reported to be on the rocks... ?"
We don't -- that's who! (We'll refrain from mentioning the celeb slip-ups that we do enjoy.)

Even Gwyneth herself admitted to a case of schadenfreude-itis in a past GOOP newsletter:
"I tried to take the high road. But one day I heard that something unfortunate and humiliating had happened to this person. And my reaction was deep relief and… happiness. There went the high road."
(At the time, there was lots of speculation that the alleged "frenemy" was Winona.)

So "why do people become energized when they say or read something negative about someone else?," G.P. asks. Take a look back at what some wise folks had to say.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gwyneth, Fresh From the Shower
(and GOOP-Free)

Get an up-close-and-personal peek of Gwyneth in the NYC exhibition, Entre Temps, by photographer Thomas Dozol.

"The Paris-born, New York-based Dozol began the series three years ago, and each time he shoots his subject after they've taken a long, hot shower to recreate that moment where a person has lost the control of the color and texture of his or her own skin."

Talk about starting out 2010 with a clean slate...

[Source: interviewmagazine.com]

Friday, October 23, 2009

GOOP Bytes

Seems like everyone's hopping on the G.P. challenge bandwagon! Read about this blogger/fan's test-tasting experiment, featuring recipes from a recent GOOP newsletter. Of course, the results proved to be delicioso.

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester Hearts Gwynnie

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, our fave headband-sporting, Chuck-loving queen bee cited Gwyneth as one of her style icons. Us too Leighton!
"Do you have a style icon?
I love Madonna--she's sexy and she takes risks. And I love Gwyneth Paltrow. In film I love Betty Davis--she's fabulous!"

Greetings From Gwyneth

G.P. is spreading the holiday cheer already with her new photo card line from Tiny Prints. A portion of the proceeds will go towards Robin Hood, a charity that funds more than 200 organizations fighting poverty in New York City.

According to Gwyneth, "card sales raise much-needed funds for our less-fortunate neighbors, and every single card spreads the word about Robin Hood's vital work in New York City."

We think that's a GOOP thing!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gwyneth at London Fashion Week

G.P. showed off her funky fashion sense during London Fashion Week at the Burberry Prorsum show on Tuesday. As usual, she rocked some pretty fab, skyscraper shoes. This time it was the label's black leather platform boots. Got $895 burning a hole in your pocket? You can grab a suede pair at NeimanMarcus.com.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Dude Does GOOP

Who says GOOP's just for girls? Richard Dorment of Esquire took the "Gwyneth Challenge" (it's a trend!) for two weeks -- detoxing for 7 days, busting a move with Tracy Anderson and visiting an acupuncturist. The results?
"At the end of this two-week experiment, I can report, without qualification or caveat, that I felt very, very good. I was sleeping better. I had more energy. I'd lost nine pounds. (People liked to remind me that this was all water weight and that I'd probably gain it all back, but that's just noise to me.) Revolutionary or not, Gwyneth's way worked, and if it worked for this sinner, it could work for anybody. Case closed."

But, of course, his all-or-nothing approach had some drawbacks:
"I wasn't having much fun. (I like to eat red meat and drink too much at parties. It makes me happy.) I wasn't doing well at work — maybe it's because I was drinking less caffeine, but I was more reserved in meetings and a little slower on the uptake. I was also quite a bit poorer than when I started out. I came to realize that I couldn't live the life I wanted to live while doing all the things Gwyneth Paltrow thought I should do. So for those reasons and a few more, I began slipping back to where I'd started. Now I try to eat more vegetables and spend a little more time in the gym, but I have neither the time nor the resources to commit myself full-time to feeling good. I have other things to do. Like going out to lunch."

Just say no to the KFC, Robert.

P.S. We must admit, his matrix analysis of Gwyneth's goop in GOOP is pretty spot on.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OMG! GOOP on Gossip Girl

Oh. My. Gwyneth! GOOP made a surprise appearance on the season premiere of Gossip Girl last night.

For those that missed it, a brief recap: The bad-girl-turned-good-turned-bad-again Serena had supposedly taken a vow of silence for the summer and was camped out at an ashram (instead of the Hamptons with the rest of the fam). Suspension of disbelief, anyone? Well, upon her return, Serena admitted that she had relied on fellow blonde Gwynnie's advice about Bikram yoga and colonics to help fabricate her ridiculous lie: "At least GOOP is good for something," she said.

Up next: A Chuck and G.P. affair?

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Life as Gwyneth

Kudos to Rebecca Dana from The Daily Beast! She attempted to live like Gwyneth and follow the tenets of GOOP (kinda like A.J. Jacobs' The Year of Living Biblically. No, we're not comparing G.P. to J.C.!). And she succeeded (sorta). Here are her final thoughts on the project:

"If you look at the big picture and not the little details, it's not so hard to understand where Gwyneth’s coming from. 'Do whatever you can, on whatever scale you can,' she says. 'It’s all about the intention.'"

Do I smell a book deal?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

GOOP Is Back!

With another cooking video featuring mmm... Bibimbop

No relation to this.